Mareak Milner

Young man, in a scholar's outfit, cloths are a combination of brown and red colors, dark brown short hair, dark red eyes (look brown-ish to the normal eye, unless seen from up very close)


Ability scores:
STR : 8 (-1)
DEX : 9 (-1)
CON : 14 (2)
INT : 15 (
WIS : 15 (2)
CHA : 19 (

Hit points, saves, armor class, base attack bonus, CMB, CMD:
HP: 30
AC: 11
BAB: +2

Will : 9 (42+3)
Ref: 1(1-1+1)
Fort: 4 (12+1)

CMB: +1
CMD: +10

Class abilities, Feats:
- Spell Focus (Evocation) 1 save DC]
- Eschew Materials
- Cantrips
- Iron Will [
2 Will]
- Maximize spell (human extra feat)

Bloodline powers and features:
- Claws (1d4 Str; 3Cha per day; Magic weapon)
- Dragon Resistances (5/Fire DR; +1 AC Natural armor)
- Eschew materials

Knowledge (arcana) 5
Spellcraft 5
Linguistics 2
Perception 3
Bluff 5
Use Magic Device 2
Intimidate 3

0-Level (Cantrips):
- Detect Magic
- Read Magic
- Light
- Acid Splash (1d3 acid damage)
- Mage Hand
- Arcane Mark
1st-level (6 per day):
- Burning Hands (1d4/level Fire damage 1 per die [max 5d4]; 15ft. cone)
- Vanish (Invisibility 1round/level [max 5])
- Magic Missiles (1d4
1 damage/each 2 lvls)
- Mage armor (4 AC) (Bloodline Spell)
- Obscuring Mist (Fog)
2nd-level (4 per day):
- Resist Energy (
10 resist energy) (Bloodline Spell)
- Scorching Ray (4d6 fire damage 1 ray per level [max3])
- Eagle’s splendor (
4 Cha for 1 min/lvl)


280 GP

Ring of Protection +1

Cloak of Resistance +1

Ring of Cameleon

2x Gems


library deeds

Wand of Magic Magic Missiles (2d4+2) 50 charges


Mareak is born in Utera. Noone knows anything about his parents, not even himself, he has never seen them either. He was adopted by the city librarian, Thogold Milner-an old wizard-, who knew about his magic heritage. Thogold decided to raise him as his own child. At the age of 10 Thogold started teaching Mareak how to use the magic and taught him some spells and tricks. Few years later, Mareak became a magic practitioner so he decided to go out of town and look for other magicians and try to “socialize” with them. When Mareak got back to his hometown, at 17 years of age, he was told that Thogold died in an explosion (he literally blew himself up while trying to cast a spell), and that the library belongs to him now. Ever since then Mareak did everything he could to keep the old man’s library working, but something inside of him wanted an adventure! After a couple of years of strugling with the library, he decided to get his old friend, Shaeak Tigersoul, to “help him out” with the library. Since Mareak was too busy attending to the “meetings” with other librarians as he liked to call them now someone had to take care of the library while he was away.

Mareak Milner

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