Jabbar Sharaf

Tall young man, arabic look, light clothes combination of white and brown, Black short curly-ish hair, brown eyes, atletic build.


Kalila Sharaf was raped by a madman in the streets of Ifir. Out of that dark moment of her light a son was born. Jabbar Sharaf was born in this city. His family was a small merchant family with troubled past, and even during his early years, struggling for existence, living in a small house in the outskirts of the city, having a small shop near the port. Most of the children in the city bullied him around because of the story of his conception. The unspeakable horrors of his existence didn’t end here.
At the age of 8 Jabbar and his family left their home to go and visit his grandfather, his mothers father, Rushdi Tatid who lived on the far side of the city. On the road there, just passing a small crop field, they were attacked by a bandit. His mother and father were killed, and Jabbar started running towards the crop field, barely escaping from the bandits. He bumped into a scarecrow as he was running away and passed out. The boy woke up to the image of a scarecrow looking down on him. This moment in time would forever shape his future.

In the same moment on the scarecrow, a young and foolish crow was poking at the scarecrows eye. The scarecrow noticed the child and flew down to him. For the following night the raven stood by the boy keeping him company.
The next morning the farmer working on the field found young Jabbar with the crow keeping a close watch on him, for some reason seemingly protecting him. Thanks to the farmer and the help of the local militia[cajkani?] Jabbar was brought to his only remaining living relative, his grandfather Rushdi Tatid. The old blacksmith raised the child as his own.
Rushdi Tatid is a smalltime blacksmith in the city of “*same city name*”, rumored to be a defected ex-soldier from another kingdom. His real life story will effect Jabbars life.
In fear of loosing his last member of the family to the lawlessness of “same city name”, Rushdi, known as an ex-soldier in the army, trained young Jabbar to know how to fend for himself. At the age of 15 Jabbar started to work on a secret plan to avenge his parents death. He found out by long investigation who the bandit is, and that he roams free and unpunished because they are linked to the local thieves guild. He took a metal rod from his grandfathers tool shed, his fathers old torn coat and hat, and went to find one of the bandits as he learned his daily extortion route. The man he suspected to be involved in the killing of his parents was called Mahir. He confronted him in a small shop where Mahir was extorting money from the merchant. Unknown to him “Mahir” was a title in the thieves guild for those who run the extortion errands’, and the man who murdered was killed years before. He confronted the Mahir and started fighting him, and as he was about give the final blow he realized the man he was holding in his grasp was not the man that murdered his parents. Ashamed of what he almost did, he started running away, as the merchant was shouting words of thanks to him. He ran and ran not realizing where he was headed. Finally he stopped at the same field. When he realized where he is, he headed to the scarecrow in the middle of the field. There he met with his old friend, the same crow from his childhoods worst moment. The crow recognizing him, flew and landed on his shoulder. They both looked into each others eyes, and than gazed upon the scarecrow. From that day on he became known as the fear of all criminals in “enter same city name here” known only as….
The Scarecrow
Additional history, the story of Rushdi Tatid and the effect it had on Jabbars life.
But the story of The Scarecrow doesn’t end here. Shortly after turning 17, Jabbars secret was reveal by the man he feared to know of his little secret. His grandfather grew suspicious of the fact Jabbar went out every night. At first he thought he went out to have a nice time in one of the port taverns. Fearing that his grandchild would stray from the path of a good man, one night he followed Jabbar secretly. He noticed Jabbar putting on the Scarecrow mask and outfit, as it was described in the rumors. The next day he confronted Jabbar. The young vigilante fearing what would happen next. After some long argument about the young man’s “profession”, Rushdi took of his glasses and sighed, and started telling the true tale of his life. He explained Jabbar that he was actually drafted into the army involuntary. After the initial years some agents noticed his potential . He was trained as an agent and an assassin. During those years he did things he was not proud of. At the age of 27 he deserted the agency and moved to the city of “enter same name here”. Here he masqueraded as a Blacksmith and a newcomer to the city, living a normal life.
After the long discussion, Rushdi pondered what to do about the fact his grandchild is becoming a vigilante. He decided than that he would help and train Jabbar , because that was the only way he would ensure that Jabbar would not fall to some tragic death fighting crime.

Jabbar Sharaf

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